Power Adapters

I’ve been doing a lot of research into what is the best power strip for the Hi-Tech Nomad. When I travel, I end up taking a bunch of wall-warts (usb power brick), with the appropriate plugs for the countries I will be working in. I also take along an international power adapter for my notebook. I currently need at least 3 USB power adapters (iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch) plus 1 power adapter.

I’ve been trying some power strips with 4 USB sockets on one plug, but it makes a faint humming noise when only one or two devices are plugged in, which keeps me awake and makes me nervous!

My ideal device would support fast charging, have 3 or 4 USB sockets, have at least 1 power adapter (for a power plug from any country), be very small and lightweight, not produce any noise, have overload protection, have a small cable for getting to those hard-to-reach power sockets, and be cheap!