Business Class Upgrades

There have been a couple of posts recently about how to get free upgrades to Business Class. The first was entitled “The two words that will get you an airline upgrade over the phone“. The second was “Two words that will NOT guarantee flight upgrades”. I’ve only got one free upgrade to Business Class, and that was totally out of the blue. I presume the plane was full and we were selected because of our Frequent Flyer Miles. The other times I have upgraded, I’ve done it at the airport, before the flight, and I’ve paid for it. Sometimes you can buy an upgrade to Business Class quite cheaply.

Zurich to London by bus

Today I met a guy who travelled to the conference I was at by bus – only he’d come over from Zurich! He travelled overnight, and said that he was able to sleep on the bus, so he felt absolutely fine. He decided to come to the conference at last minute, so the bus was the most stress-free way of getting over. Apparently the trip cost less than £20! Sometimes I forget about these alternative methods of travel to/from Europe!