iPad as a Second Screen

As a developer, I spend most of my day on my MacBook Pro. Unfortunately when I am out and about, I really notice the lack of screen real-estate, especially when I am doing web development or working in XCode. I have started using my iPad as a second monitor, using the “Duet Display” software. The iPad app is about £10 on the AppStore, and the Mac Software is a free download. You need to use a USB to Lightning cable to connect the iPad to the MacBook, which makes for a nice and fast display. It also means that I carry around a little stand for my iPad. The setup works well though, and makes a big difference to my development productivity when I’m on the road.

Camera Gear

A few years ago I used to travel everywhere with a camera. I’ve had digital SLRs, and smaller compact cameras. It always used to add a ton of weight and bulk to my travelling though. For the last year or so, I’ve just been using my phone as my camera. It’s a bit of technology you always have with you, and adds no extra weight. The phone camera technology is getting to be as good as the cheaper digital cameras too.

Last night I watched episode 7 of Abstract, the Netflix Series about Design. It was all about Platon, the photographer. It inspired me to break out my Canon Mirrorless camera. I’m off to Lisbon tomorrow, so I’ll take it along. I’ve put a very small 22mm lens on it, and taken off the camera strap, so it is fairly compact now.