Digital Nomads – the new norm?

Digital Nomads are hiring and firing their governments. This article over at TechCrunch argues that it is getting easier to be a digital nomad, as governments are competing for talent. It envisages the consequences of this war over talent, as skilled people migrate over to countries that match their preferences. It points to Japan as an example of a country that has opened up it’s visa policies to try and attract skilled migrants.

Canal Boat

Helen and I were chatting this morning and tossing around the idea of living in a canal boat. There are quite a few in the canals near our flat in London. The only problem would be winter – I think they would be hard to heat!

We have visions about taking it over to Europe and travelling the canals over there. I think that we would probably need to get something like a Dutch barge in order to do the sea passage across the English channel.


I’m in Lisbon for the first time! Helen, Lydia and I flew in this morning, went to the lovely apartment we are staying in (thanks Olivier and Antonio!), and went out to explore. Lydia’s recommendation was to get an Uber from the airport, as the taxis can rip you off on the fare. This is what we did, and the cost was 12EUR to Principe Real, which was a good price. We walked around the area after we got in, and both Helen and I were blown away. What a great city!

Camera Gear

A few years ago I used to travel everywhere with a camera. I’ve had digital SLRs, and smaller compact cameras. It always used to add a ton of weight and bulk to my travelling though. For the last year or so, I’ve just been using my phone as my camera. It’s a bit of technology you always have with you, and adds no extra weight. The phone camera technology is getting to be as good as the cheaper digital cameras too.

Last night I watched episode 7 of Abstract, the Netflix Series about Design. It was all about Platon, the photographer. It inspired me to break out my Canon Mirrorless camera. I’m off to Lisbon tomorrow, so I’ll take it along. I’ve put a very small 22mm lens on it, and taken off the camera strap, so it is fairly compact now.


It seems as though the advanced economies in the world are getting more concerned with their borders. At the same time, more and more businesses are encouraging remote work. The first world wants location independence so they can offshore jobs cheaply, but doesn’t actually want people to move around too much! Maybe I’m being unfair. It will be interesting to see how this evolves with time.