Travelling and Computer Security

Just as a Galactic Hitchhiker generally has a towel with them,  a Hi-Tech Nomad always has various forms of technology – phones and notebooks. Not only that, but usually there is the whole back-end cloud server environment upon which maintains our online presence. Computer security is thus a big issue for the digital nomad.

The equipment carried on us should be encrypted. If you get your notebook stolen, the thief should be unable to get hold of all your personal details on the computer. You will need to have a way to get hold of your passwords though. I have my passwords encrypted and stored on a Dropbox folder, so I can download it at need via the web interface. I also carry a Raspberry Pi Zero with the encrypted password file on it. You also need a way to recover ssh keys etc needed to access your server infrastructure. I’ll write a longer post about this topic soon.

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